Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dumbest Cop Ever

Officer who ate pot brownies. Now I am not familiar with the so called "Pot Brownies", but the officer that revealed the probable cause to the 911 Operator understood and experienced enough of it. This story although perhaps comical makes one ask, how many police officers in departments around the country using "Pot" ? It is amazing when an individual experiences the feeling of impending doom, how humbling that experience can be? My experience is not with illegal drug use, but a simple case of food poisoning. I felt so so so uncomfortable in my abdominals and I starting feeling hot. Keep in mind, this happened while I was driving, working actually. Here I am in my car in need of locating the nearest bathroom to defecate the food that was eaten previously. I felt terrible, a feeling I am not use to feeling........ Anyway.... Back to the dumb cop, the police department did not charge his wife or himself, they simply asked for his resignation. They probably said, either hand in your resignation or else. So, they were experiencing one of the worse feelings in there lives, it humbled them into admitting stupidly to breaking the law of smoking weed. What is "Pot Brownies" ? I think that is the pot that comes from South America or Mexico, I think, and I think it's supposed to be more potent, but again, I am not sure.What do you think? Are you still laughing at this story? -- Pall Stanley

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